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Improved performance of lighting systems

  • Filters harmonics injected to the line by electronic lighting ballasts and reduces spikes in lighting circuits
  • Improves PF
  • Spot check savings with Power & Energy Monitor-factory fitted option
  • LED Load Status Monitors with alarm relay output for low & high voltage. No fused indicator bulbs to replace
  • User selectable settings to suit site conditions

Short circuit and overload protection to lighting circuits, which often get overloaded as facilities expand


Lighting Energy Saver

High energy savings on lighting loads - 10% to 20% direct savings, cooler lamp operation especially with all types of discharge lamps


Suitable for stabilized lighting circuits in :

  • Commercial buildings and complexes
  • Service industry - Hotels, Hospitals, Cinema halls, BPOs
  • Public utilities - Auditoriums, Stadiums (indoor/ outdoor), Educational Institutions
  • Residential buildings and apartments
  • Campus lighting in large industrial and commercial establishments
  • All industrial facilities