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With an electric Siemens motor, you can always achieve the highest efficiency level. Siemens motor systems cover the entire range of synchronous and asynchronous technology:

From standard electric motor systems and servomotors for Motion Control applications including linear and torque motors to motors for use in hazardous explosion areas, to high voltage, DC and customized electric motor systems.

Standard motors up to frame size 315L.
High-efficiency motors – reduced energy costs and environmental protection

General Description
Increasing energy costs mean that energy consumption is of increasing significance in drive technology. It is essential to fully exploit potential for minimizing these costs in order to remain competitive now and in the future. Lower energy consumption also benefits the environment.

We are offering a new generation of low-voltage motors, enabling you to do more with your motors. An innovative rotors technology creates the very best basis for highly efficient motors. The new motors for IE2 (high efficiency) thereby offer large energy savings and are better for the environment. Also, the modular design concept provides full flexibility: each motor is based on a standardized concept for all international markets.

Delphi series energy efficient asynchronous squirrel cage induction motors - high efficiency IE2 & premium efficiency IE3 are manufactured conforming to IEC-60034-30.


  • Product Range: 0.75 Kw to 45 Kw / 2 & 4 Pole 80 to 225M frame
  • Product Range: 0/75 Kw to 5.5 Kw_/6 Pole 80 to 132 frame
  • The enclosures, mounting and voltage supply conditions and tolerances are similar to Delphi Series EFF2 motors.
  • IE-2 motors can be easily recognized by name plate & RAL5007 blue colour on terminal box cover in 80-132 frame size & RAL9006 silver colour on terminal box cover in 160 & above frame size
  • IE-3 motors can be easily recognized by name plate & black colour on terminal box cover in 80-132 frame size.

We have an expert line-up of specialized motors that look forward to the cooling functions on a low speed electro motor. In the low speed key, motors often tend to heat up and give low power outputs. Such low power output signals come for a deal with our force cooling units that come installed on top of the motor to provide quality cooling.

Following specification:

Frame size
100 mm to 132mm
3.75kw to 22.5 kw 
Armature Voltage
Field Voltage
1000, 1500 and 300

Our organization is engaged in offering high grade Siemens Crane Duty Motors. A large number of industries use these products for various purposes. Owing to the standards of our products, we have been able to make our mark among other firms engaged in offering similar kinds of products. In order to stay in line with the quality standards, our business partners manufacture these with precision engineered parts. The features for which our products are appreciated include high performance, low operational cost and less power consumption. 


  • Brand: siemens
  • Range : The datasheet covers motors from frame sizes 63 to 132M in 2 and 4 pole, and 71 to 132M in 6 and 8 poles.
  • Available in Cast Iron body

We are reckoned as one of the illustrious manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Electric Motors. Our products are acknowledged for their attributes like easy installation and consistent performance.

We are offering the Dual Speed Motor & Two Speed Motors to our most valued clients. These Dual Speed Motors & Two Speed Motors are of high quality and are highly demanded by the clients for its high durability and efficient working. These Dual Speed Motors & Two Speed Motors can be availed at reasonable prices.