Our Products

SURENDRA ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES is the pioneer company indulged in dealing and distributing supreme quality Terminals Blocks and Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks.These Voltage Terminal Blocks are manufactured and supplied by ELMEX and offered it at very cost-effective prices. Our range of Electrical Terminal Blocks and PCB Mounted Terminals are capable of catering wide needs of customers. These products are also meeting international quality norms and ensure better performance.

Polyamide 6.6 Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks:
Polyamide 6.6 (or Nylon 6.6) is a resin belonging to the Nylon family of thermoplastic molding materials.

Polyamide 6.6 Possesses a Good Balance of Various Properties:
Tensile and flexural strengths, allowable service temperature, impact resistance, abrasion, resistance, resistance to fuels, lubricants and chemicals (except strong acids and oxidizing agents). It has good electrical properties, for low voltage applications. It is resistant to surface discharge with CTI > 600 (IEC-60112).

Melamine Rail Mounted Terminal Blocks:
Melamine is a resin belonging to the group of thermosetting compounds, generally known as aminoplasts. It has an excellent resistance to deformation, particular hardness and a very good surface brilliance.

Melamine has an optimum dimensional stability and a strong resistance to surface discharge with CTI > 600 (IEC-60112).It does not ignite and gets converted into char form in case of fire. It is abrasion and chemical resistant, waterproof and resists high and low temperatures within the limits of -40 ºC and 130 ºC. Melamine is particularly suited for unfavorable environmental conditions and is preferred for Circuit Breaker Panels, Refineries, Chemical Plants, potentially explosive installations and any other high risk environments in general.

PCB Mounted Terminals:
ELMEX PCB Connectors aim is to offer more flexibility for circuit termination on a PCB by not limiting the terminations on the edge. The range includes: (a) 1/2/3 Way Connectors (b) Single / Double Deck Connectors (c) Fuse Connectors (d) Disconnecting Type Connectors. These Polyamide 66 Connectors have tin-plated contact for corrosion resistance and torque-tested screws, which ensure additional strength to the connection and are suitable for conductors upto 2.5 sq mm.